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OUAT Superheroes: F.A.E. by MlleRevenant OUAT Superheroes: F.A.E. by MlleRevenant
I'm not sure what group is inspiring my ideas for this. Maybe Guardians of the Galaxy (which is Marvel, not DC like many of my Superhero Verse characters are inspired by), or maybe the Green Lantern Corps. The idea of the F.A.E. (Federation of Astral Enforcers) is that they're an inter-galactic allegiance (who all look remarkably human) that harness energy through hand-held conductors called "wands", which usually aren't lethal.

This fivesome doesn't make up the entire corps. They are an assigned unit that frequently comes into contact with Earth and its inhabitants. And now . . . bios! Sort of. It's more of a personality breakdown.

The pic can be found on tumblr here:…

The dollmaker can be found here:…

Blue Star (Evangeline): Evangeline has lived thousands of years, but in some ways she is still young for a leader of the Federation of Astral Enforcers. She believes she knows best, and her judgement is normally sound. Unfortunately her determination to be ‘good’ often prompts her to see things in black and white. It can be hard for her to take other people’s opinions when they oppose hers.

Green Spirit (Tink): Tink, like Evangeline, wants to make the universe a better place, but she and her boss tend to butt heads over who they think “deserves” their help. Tink knows that sometimes the black-and-white approach just doesn’t work. She especially wants to help people whom Evangeline would say are beyond help.

Silver Mist (Lynette): Lynette is the most fun-loving and at times reckless member of the troupe. She is eager to be helpful, but her emotions make it easy for her to get sidetracked. Evangeline has warned her over and over about becoming emotionally involved in situations. She and Tink get into friendly competition over who can drive Blue Star the battiest.

Golden Glow (Iridessa): Iridessa has a calming presence that usually returns chaos to harmony in a group dynamic. She appears the most mature of the F.A.E. Yet this kindhearted enforcer has a dark history she has tried to put behind her. While it has given her wisdom, she fears that general knowledge of it will destroy the trust of her teammates.

Magenta Nova (Astrid): By far the sweetest-tempered agent, Astrid has an innocent enthusiasm about her work. Like Lynette she sometimes compromises herself with too much emotional investment. But her biggest problems are clumsiness and accidental negligence. Evangeline has reservations about Astrid’s future on the force, but where she may come up short in aptitude Astrid compensates with spirit.

HelloDDgirl Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Blue Star looks so beautiful... You should do more of these! They're really nice!
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January 9, 2014
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