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OUAT Supervillains Pt. 2 by MlleRevenant OUAT Supervillains Pt. 2 by MlleRevenant
I kind of love I ended up grouping all the Wonderland ladies together. I didn't realize it until I'd already put them together.

Pic can be found here on tumblr:…

Part 1 can be found here:…

And heeeeeerrre are their bios!

Cora Mills: This is a woman who needs no masked identity to strike fear in the hearts of most people. She is a master businesswoman and manipulator, not to mention power-hungry crime boss. She runs the Wonderland Ring, a criminal network rivaled only by the shadowy Medusa Syndicate. Cora has lost agents to her competitor, but she has plans for anyone who stands in her way of complete control of the city of Storybrooke and beyond. One of the only people she shows any concern for is Regina. Even there it seems a desire to secure her empire, not genuine love, maintains the strained mother-daughter bond.

Queen Cobra (Amara Kadir): Amara is the notorious leader of the Medusa Syndicate. Like Cora, she is hell-bent on taking control of the criminal underworld, although she is primarily based in the city of Avonlea. Still, the two crime rings have a history of double-agents and intercity territory wars. Her most prized agent and protege is Jafar Khan, who also desires control of the syndicate, though not for the same reason. Queen Cobra has no special abilities, except perhaps her ruthlessness. 

Red Rook (Anastasia Tremaine): Though she prefers this codename, Anastasia’s alias in the Medusa Syndicate, the Chameleon, suits her better. She has beauty, brains and a streak of devious determination that makes her the perfect fly on the wall. Her loyalties officially lie with Cora Mills, but she’s a woman who knows how to use the whole chessboard to her advantage. That may mean adopting Queen Cobra as a mentor and becoming the head of the Medusa Syndicate. But Jafar (Viper, later Snake Charmer) won’t let her have it so easily. She joined the syndicate with her boyfriend Will Scarlet and his friend Elizabeth. Will has since realized that Anastasia has a bigger game to play than simply getting by with the protection of a powerful mob boss. Their romantic relationship has since dissolved. Anastasia may yet still have feelings for Will. Yet the Red Rook, more than anything, wants to become the Red Queen.

HelloDDgirl Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Cora Mills looks so cool in this!
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