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I think I'm a pretty blessed person. Sure, there's stress and anxieties on a daily basis, but I don't have any major problems in my life right now. But this is one of those days when God, or maybe just chance, decides to dump some bad luck on me. Nothing serious, really, and nothing that wasn't ultimately my own fault, but still.

I'm on my way home for spring break, and I had planned to take the 2:30 bus out of Boston so that I'd get home in the mid-afternoon instead of the evening like I've usually done. But due to poor planning and a misunderstanding about the local bus schedule, I missed the bus. So I have to wait 2 hours for the next one. That by itself is not that bad, but it was just the first thing.

The second thing was my boots. I'd just had the heel of one of them fixed about a week ago, and today is the first day I've worn them in a long time. And guess what? When I arrived in the city, I noticed that my left boot was making this hollow "tocking" sound, like what happened before when the sole of the heel came off. And lo and behold, no sole on the heel. I don't know when it happened, and I don't even know if this is the same boot or not. It made me want to stab my eyes out. Again, not horrible - I can still walk in them. My left foot just makes a lot more noise than warranted.

Then came the third thing. I fell down twice. In public. The first time I was going up the steps to catch my other train, and the toe of my boot caught on the cuff of my jeans. Down I went on my hands and knees. So I still had sore knees when I fell again on the train. I thought I'd be able to keep myself propped up by leaning against one of the poles instead of holding it, but no dice. When the train moved, my suitcase and I tumbled sideways onto a few other passengers' feet. Fortunately I was only going one stop, so I quickly departed from the awkwardness. I got so wound up about the accumulating crap of luck that I cried a little while I was outside. Do you know how much it sucks to have your eyes watering and your nose running when it's freezing? You probably do, unless you live somewhere nice and warm. If that's the case, good for you.

So, that's my day so far, and it's only 3:30. Aggravating as hell, but at least looking back on it makes it sound pretty funny.
As more and more people (and by people, I mean primarily Holmesians/Sherlockians) will soon find out, CBS has cast Lucy Lui to play Watson in its upcoming series Elementary. As might be expected, my first reaction was of disbelief and consternation. Not so much because the idea of genderbending one of the characters is heinous to me - although why tamper with a lovely friendship/bromance? - but because this idea of partners with opposing genders has already been done. Look at Bones and Castle. What exactly can CBS bring to the Holmes-Watson relationship by changing one person's gender that hasn't already been explored in other shows? And how are they going to handle the fact that Holmes, though a gentleman, is oftentimes an unrepentant misogynist? If both Holmes and Watson became women, that'd be a different story - there aren't enough strong fem!bromance relationships out there outside of "women-oriented" shows.

But then I got to thinking. The concept of a male-female friendship in any story almost always hints at the possibility of romance. The exception to this is a show like Will and Grace where the man is gay. The gender differences still exist, but the sex/romance factor is eliminated. Well, okay, at least severely reduced. Bones plays with this idea even though, as far as I know, Brennan and Booth have refrained from taking their relationship to that level. What does this mean, then, for Elementary?

Well, it could mean two things. One: that Holmes and Miss Watson's relationship will likely become ripe with sexual tension and either linger on like that for years or resolve in consummation. Two: either Holmes or Watson (or both) will be gay, thereby eliminating sexual interest on at least one end. I suppose there is the third option of their relationship being entirely platonic with them both being straight (or Holmes being asexual), but when has an American TV been able to sustain that dynamic?

But this is what's really interesting: many fans have fantasized or even argued that Holmes and Watson, in the original stories, were gay for each other. Or at least that Holmes had romantic feelings for Watson, or that Watson was covering up his feelings for Holmes by marrying two women (makes total sense). Whether seriously or in jest, references to their allegedly homoerotic friendship have been made for years.

So, again, I ask: what does this mean for Elementary? It means that other people's suspicions about their relationship will change. For the Victorian duo, people say, "Holmes has no interest in women, and his closest relationship is with Watson, so he must be gay and sleeping with Watson." For the modern-day American duo, people will say, "Holmes has no interest in women, but his closest relationship is with Watson, so he either must be gay or sleeping with Watson."

I find that hilariously subversive.
I avoided writing any journal entries because I dread the expectation, whether it's someone else's or my own, of updating the damn thing every once in a while. I'm terrible at that stuff. But, what the heck, I've got nothing to do right now (at my job of all things), so here's something pleasant to start off with.

Things that frustrate me (about myself and the world):

1. When you're caught in that limbo of wanting to do one thing and knowing you have to do something else, so instead you sit there debating over which is worth expending your energy on, and in the end waste three or four hours watching YouTube videos or cartoons on TV.

2. Being tired when I still have so much left to do. And I STILL refuse to start drinking coffee.

3. Waiting for Season 2 of Sherlock. But who isn't?

4. Waiting for more people to see my videos/read & review my stories/like my tumblr posts.

5. Not being able to shoot the shit with my sister because she lives in NYC and I dislike talking on the phone for an extended period of time. I just hate holding the phone to my ear for so long. My hands get sweaty and, sometimes, I press my face too hard against the buttons and it hangs up on me. I'm phone-retarded, apparently.

6. Not feeling motivated to write anything even though I should.

7. Having great ideas for drawings and not having the skill/talent/patience to actually make them.

8. That there are hardly any Sherlock/Phantom of the Opera crossovers out there. In fact, I'm frustrated by the overall amount (what little there is) of Holmes/Phantom stuff (writing, drawing or otherwise) that's well-done and/or has any chance of being finished. I mean, seriously, the crossover has SOOO much potential. Am I crazy or something? Okay, that might be, but it's still one not many people seem to consider or enjoy. ARGH!

9. That there are hardly any decent PotO film adaptations. Or fiction. Fanfiction, perhaps, but there's so much of it I can't spend my whole day poring through the bad stuff to find the good stuff.

But back to the films - I know there's the 1925 silent film, but it's SILENT. I want to hear Erik's voice and hear him play the violin at Perros and hear Christine sing something that isn't "Think of Me" or "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"! I do love the musical, but that isn't the end all, be all adaptation! It shouldn't be, at least! Just as I love the Jeremy Brett/Granada series of Sherlock Holmes, but I'm also glad that Moffat and Gatiss have made their modern-day version (and, actually, the Granada version has more reason to be considered the end-all version because it's, like, 99% accurate). I love it when people go back to the source material *cough*Leroux*cough* and try to capture the spirit of it in their own way. Unfortunately, many film versions of the story go out on weird limbs. I still have yet to see the Robert Englund version, which actually sounds pretty interesting and oddly faithful to the novel despite the extra gore and the supernatural elements. Still, would it kill someone to make one - ONE - Phantom film that is truer to the novel than Webber? Aside from the 1925 film?

I'd also like to see a good modern adaptation, or a film adaptation of Susan Kay's book. Maybe, when my sister and I are both finished with school, we'll be like Moffat and Gatiss and just do one of these things ourselves (she's in film, I'm in writing). That'd be awesome.

10. To have Christmas vacation a few weeks away, and only realize that this means jam-packed hours at my job working with students with end-of-the-term papers. Which means less free time for me to get my own work done. (I manage my time very well, clearly.)

And that's it. For now. Ten is a nice round number to end on.

Oh, wait! One more!

11. Shipping a couple that no one else ships. :frustrated:

So, as you can see, I have REAL problems. I mean, seriously. Keep that in mind. ;P